Tech Academy

The purpose of the Technical Academy is the professional training of Polish engineers in order to make them present on the international labor market, which is a modern necessity.

These activities will allow the transfer of knowledge required in the international labor market and by foreign investors in Poland in the field of Polish construction market.

Should the need arise, the Academy's curriculum will be expanded to include other engineering disciplines. 

Participation in these activities will facilitate a better understanding of the global labour market which is dominated by English regulations, procedures, abbreviations and nomenclature. 

Professional development is best served through involvementin the international market and participation in the implementation of some of the largest projects in the world; those financed by ‘First Tier Clients’.  

Assimilation of knowledge is enabled by benefitting from the experience of engineers who have been working in these areas for several years. It takes about 3 years to gain such knowledge. The Academy's training will allow you to significantly reduce this time, and through the mentoring program, accompany its members to establish themselves in this market place.

Working in the international market promotes ease to navigate the regulations of many countries and the ability to find solutions to technical challenges on the cusp of regulations, where mathematics and physics might provide limitations, butwhere the actual biggest constraint is the budget. 

The Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain is a Professional Affiliate of the Britishwhich is responsible for the granting of the title of Chartered Engineer.

The Association issues certificates of participation in trainings that can assist you in becoming members of other engineering institutions in the world.