Why Join?

Rights resulting from membership in STP

Membership pf the  Association gives you access to many professional and personal privileges. Membership, obtained after successful application verified by the Membership Committee, is a proof that an individual has appropriate competences and qualifications, thus constituting a certificate of professional status. STP members have the following rights:

  • Right to elect and be elected for any function in the STP authorities (ordinary and corporate members only)
  • Opportunity to participate and represent STP in events hosted and supported by the Association
  • Access to STP courses, training and events on preferential terms
  • Ability to join the mentoring programme dedicated to STP members
  • Support in obtaining references required in the application for membership in British professional institutions
  • Assistance in obtaining the title of EurEng, recognised throughout the European Union
  • When applying for a job in the United Kingdom, the Association can provide support if it is required by employment agencies or a future employer
  • Possibility to get financial help from the Benevolent Fund
  • The ability to use the resources of the Association

Responsibilities resulting from membership in STP

  • Members of STP are obliged to pay the annual membership fee in the amount determined by the management of the Association
  • Compliance with the Association’s rules set out in the Statute available on the STP website
  • Caring for the good name of the Association and acting in accordance with ethical standards in the area of ​​professional work