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The Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain is a professional association for all those who represent the various areas of science, technology and engineering. Our members work in small businesses, international corporations and universities with technology departments. Membership of STP is open to individuals, companies and institutions which meet the requirements of a specific category of membership and whose application is approved by the Membership Committee. 

GBP 45 / 12 months

This membership is for individuals only

Our primary membership category, tailored for engineers, scientists, and technicians with university degrees and extensive documented professional experience. This exclusive membership grants full access to a spectrum of invaluable benefits

GBP 35 / 12 months

This membership is for individuals only

Designed for accomplished professionals without formal degree-level education but possessing extensive technical expertise, our Associate Membership offers nearly all the benefits of full membership, with the exception of voting rights at the AGM.

GBP 15 / 12 months

This membership is for individuals only

An inclusive membership category welcomes individuals with a passion for science and technical fields who wish to join our Association. Affiliate members gain access to select benefits such as participation in our mentoring program, though they do not possess voting privileges or qualify for membership discounts and Benevolent Fund support.

Corporate Member
GBP 100 / 12 months

Our Corporate Membership is tailored for businesses, organisations, and institutions seeking affiliation with the Association. By becoming a Corporate Member, you not only enjoy all the rights and privileges of individual membership but also gain the prestige of being featured as a corporate member on our website.