Warsaw 11.01.2024– meeting with SGGW, MOIIB and the University of Technology

Our Association has been invited by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW Poland on 11.01.2024  in regards of the future cooperation between the Parties. The cold winter -18 degC and snow didn't influence on the relations between us. The meeting has been taken with Prof. Eugeniusz Koda, Ph.D. Eng. the Director of Institute of Civil Engineering on one side and Vice Chair of the Association Teresa Bilinska MSc CEng.

The lecture ''Work on the international engineering market is a contemporary necessity'' has been provided by Teresa Bilinska in person in front of 100 students and lecturers from SGGW using the power point presentation from the University in Lublin because of lack of time

The same day  the meeting has been organized in the University of Technology with  Prof. Andrzej Garbacz Ph.D. Eng. the Dean of Civil Engineering, MSc CEng  Roman Lulis the Chair of Masovian Regional Chamber of Polish Engineers (MOIIB),  MSc CEng llona Lacka, the Head of the Chartership Committee MOIIB, Prof PhD, DSc, CEng Eugeniusz Koda from SGGW University and Vice Chair of our Association Teresa Bilinska MSc CEng.  The purpose of the meeting was to continue the cooperation focused to organize  in common the 2nd  Polish-Emirates Scientific and  Technical Conference in Warsaw initially proposed on 14-16.05.2025.  The reason to organize the Conference in Warsaw is letting the guests from abroad commute easily in person.                                                        

The great hospitality from the Polish Organisations for the Association representative was  the next  step for the future cooperation between our Organisations. The cooperation is important for the polish students, engineers, Universities to open them for the international market for their development and challenges and to exchange the experience between worldwide engineers.