Engineering free from inhibitions and boundaries 5th edition Dubai/ Abu Dhabi on 16-24.11.2024

You are cordially invited to the training course. Another workshop for Polish engineers as part of the Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain Technical Academy activities.

The trip to Dubai /Abu Dhabi will provide an opportunity to learn how buildings ''in the Middle of the desert'' have been constructed over 50 years.

How man's grand visions are transforming the environment and providing challenges for engineers to design the tallest, most modern and most innovative buildings in the world. How to ensure thermal comfort with air conditioning and ventilation at plus 48 degrees Celsius? Can Polish engineers make it in such a market? The lectures will be given by profesionalists with 14 years of experience in the international market. The training also aims to show Polish engineers that their professional development is linked to their experience in the international market.

More information in this document.