Engineering free from inhibitions and boundaries 4th edition Dubai/ Abu Dhabi 24.02-03.03.2024

The trip to Dubai was a very busy time from 8.00 to 21.00 for the first 4 days. The time after 21.00 the group spent with the socializing discussions about the work activities and introducing themselves. The engineers taking part of the workshop were from Warsaw, London, Vienna, Zurich and Katowice. The full programme has been done. The Engineers have been invited on 28.02.2024 to Ajman University for the Forum: Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education with the subtheme the 3rd International Forum on Education and Mental Health (IFEMH) so important in the contemporary world. The group was invited by Dr. Nahla Al Qassimi Dean of Student Services, Office of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chair of the IFEMH 2024 and Vice President of Society of Engineers in UAE. One of the keynote speakers was Teresa Bilinska Vice Chair of Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain. in the topic “ Motivation for Women in STEM. Women on the international market”. The exhibition of the People in Determination was the new way of seeing the Disabled people. They are called in the UAE as the People in Determination what is more enthusiastic way of motivation of their activity and independency. The members of our organisation, the top consultants from BIM LAB London, provided the lecture at the College of Architecture in the subject of “Virtuous Engineering & Architectural solutions in the use of BIM-Revit” .

We have got a very good feedback and congratulations from the University. The amazing hospitality of Dr Nahla Al Qassimi and other people from the University for our group stays in our hearts ever. The goals of our workshops are to create the bridges above the borders, Cultures or Religious for the engineers showing the international market is contemporary necessity. The next workshop on 16-24.11.2024. Please find more information on Ajman University website and social media.