EFPSNT AGM and 25th Anniversary Celebration in Vienna

On October 21st, 2023, our chair, Marian Zastawny, traveled to Vienna to participate in the European Federation of Polish Scientific and Technological Societies Abroad (EFPSNT) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the 25th-anniversary celebrations of Polish Engineers in Austria (VPI).

At the EFPSNT AGM, discussions revolved around the future of the federation, unveiling new projects, and electing Krzysztof Ruszczynski as the new Secretary General. This meeting marked a pivotal moment as the presidency was transferred to the German association, emphasizing the unity among member organizations.

Following the AGM, during the jubilant 25th anniversary celebration of VPI, we honored Janusz Ptak as a new honorary member of our Associtation for his outstanding contributions to science and technology. This event showcased the enduring strength and commitment of the Polish engineering community in Austria, reinforcing our dedication to advancing science and technology on a global scale.