Beyond Clickbait: 5 YouTube Channels That Won't Make You Dumber (Probably)

Let's be real, folks. We've all been there. You open YouTube with a noble intention – maybe to learn how to fix that leaky faucet, perhaps to finally understand cryptocurrency. But next thing you know, you're inexplicably watching competitive eating challenges (it's a strange rabbit hole, we all know it).

But fear not, knowledge seekers! are here to guide you through the digital jungle and defeat the clickbaitalgorithms. These fantastic STEM channels offer clear explanations, engaging content, and the knowledge you crave, all without the annoying nonsense.

1. Veritasium

This brilliant channel tells captivating stories about the making of science. Each episode tackles a new subject, explaining complex topics in an approachable way, adding depth to the often-mundane work of scientists. Their episode on how the blue LED was created is a fascinating story of scientific breakthrough and an engineer's stubborn determination.

2. Practical Engineering

Host Grady Hillhouse takes you behind the scenes of the infrastructure around us. Learn about different corrosion prevention mechanisms, why they're necessary, and why concrete needs reinforcement, all delivered with clear, down-to-earth explanations often using self-made practical models.

3. Real Engineering

This is something for aerospace engineering enthusiasts and my personal favorite. They delve into the fascinating stories behind the insane engineering of some of the most advanced machines ever created, like the F-35, MRI machines, or the Boeing 787. Even if airplanes aren't your thing, there's something for everyone here.

4. The B1M

Buckle up for some serious engineering! This channel explores some of the largest and most ambitious civil engineering projects ever undertaken. You might even find stories from some of our members who have worked on these incredible feats of human ingenuity!

5. 3Blue1Brown

I wish this channel existed when I was struggling with calculus. This amazing resource uses compelling graphics to provide intuitive explanations of complex mathematical subjects like Fourier series, neural networks, and more. It's thanks to this guy that I finally understand how Bitcoin actually works.

A Polish Gem:

Of course, no exploration of STEM YouTubers is complete without a shoutout to a Polish channel! "Nauka to Lubię!" (Science I Like!) is a fantastic resource for Polish speakers who want to explore the wonders of science in their native language. Packed with experiments, demonstrations, and engaging explanations, this channel is a great way to learn and laugh, all while keeping your Polish skills sharp. Their series on famous scientists is particularly noteworthy:

Bonus: Dive Deeper with Podcasts!

For those who prefer audio learning, consider the science podcast Each week, they host scientists who share their work with the audience. These are fascinating conversations well worth your time. While engineering content is still developing, host Karolina Glowacka is dedicated to expanding their reach (and we're always happy to help 😉).

So there you have it, folks! These are just a few of the amazing STEM channels out there on YouTube. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and get ready to have your mind blown (in the best way possible). And hey, if you stumble upon any other hidden gems, let us know via 📧 ( or on social media and share the knowledge!


by Marian Zastawny